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In a world full of censorship and propaganda, authenticity is hard to find. We need to hear real stories from real people. Jianchor is an open community for sharing ideas, building relationships, and empowering businesses. 

Our mission is to create a network of collaborators that help each other make the most of their unique talents and personalities. Here, we take loneliness, frustration, and seclusion, and transform it into connections, synergy, and opportunity.

We realize that everyone has a different story and everyone is fighting their own battle. Our unique platform is where subscribers can engage, participate, and create content that others can discover and connect with. We have created a garden where any flower can flourish.

Jianchor offers 4 perspectives: Personal Finance, Culture, Business, and Mental Health. Our team provides written articles and podcasts for our featured guests. We will introduce subscribers to different voices and perspectives with interviews, book and article reviews, and enhance content based on subscriber recommendations and feedback.

Join the Jianchor Journey. Participate in the conversation. 

Popular Posts

Health is Political

Health is Political. The past 18 months, as with any good crisis, has become fuel for a lot of lecturing, unnecessary debate, and of course, corporatized slogans/sayings. “Health is not

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Mental Health

Academic vs Approximative Thinkers

Academic vs Approximative thinkers. Dax Hill is an idiot. I definitely wouldn’t call myself a genius, maybe not even smart. Growing up I thought that everyone thought within the same

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